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La Récréation - Mathilde Bel - 20 x 28 cm - 40 pages - Picture book - Summer 2022 - EUR 13.50



Ding dong!

The school bell rings at last. Everyone is excited to play their favourite game in the playground but watch out for accidents…  Camille likes playing with marbles, Anne-Fleur is juggling with colourful balls, but she slips on the marbles, and crash! Arthur is whizzing around on his skateboard but he’s heading straight for the teacher, and bang! These animal characters provide the perfect insight into the first year of school and children’s favourite playground games.

The text is simple, lively, rich in onomatopoeias and fast-paced… just like the playground!




After studying art, Mathilde Bel moved to Brussels where she worked as a graphic designer. She then went to Berlin and became an illustrator. She has already published several books with L’Agrume, including the “Loups” series.

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