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Le Chat, la chouette et le poisson frais - Nadine Robert & Sang Miao - 19 x 24 cm
36 pages - Picture book - February 2023 - CAN$20.99



A fishy scent emanates from this timeless tale of falsely sweet characters with a jubilant ending. In this charming fable, a cunning owl and a distracted cat attempt to outsmart each other.

One day, Grey Cat stumbles upon a surprise in one of his usual fishing spots:
a small wooden rowboat containing a bucket of fresh fish sitting idly.
Curious and eager to snatch it up, Grey Cat seeks the help of a nearby owl, who is willing to lend a hand if Grey Cat helps him free his claw from under a log. But will Grey Cat choose to help the owl — or is he too eager to reach the rowboat and grab his newfound treasure?

Nadine Robert began her career as a video-game designer and director of animated films. As the founder of the publishing house Comme des géants, she has always had a strong passion for illustrated children’s books. Her most recent book, On the Other Side of the Forest, was named a Best Book of the Year by Kirkus and a NYT/NYPL Best Illustrated Children’s Book.

Sang Miao graduated from the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom and has since worked on numerous fiction and children’s book projects. Her most recent picture book, The Immortal Jellyfish, was a finalist for the Children’s Book Council’s Children’s and Teen Choice Book Awards. She lives in China.


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