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Le Géant géant - Dylan Hewitt - 28.3 x 20.6 cm - 68 pages - Spring 2022 - CAN22.95



Can anything worse happen than a giant terrorizing a peaceful village? How about a GIANT GIANT? Filled with humor, this story tackles the nature of human
interactions when an individual finds himself in a position of absolute and illegitimate power.

Every day, a giant is spreading terror among the villagers of a peaceful town.
He commands them to wash his underwear and to cook him a feast, or else
he will stomp on the whole village! This bossy giant does not seem to have a single problem in the whole world! But his own misfortune is about to happen, as a giant even more giant than him is about to take over.




Dylan Hewitt was born and raised in London. He studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. He started to work as an art director in the world of advertising and then as an illustrator and author. Creating illustrated books is a true passion for him. He uses ink and collage and combines simple shapes and bright colors to create warm, playful and surreal visual universes.

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