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Le vaillant petit gorille - Nadine Robert & Gwendal Le Bec - 20,6  x 27,5 cm - 40 pages - October 2016


Little Gorilla stole the flamingo’s eggs! Grivet, who is hiding behind an old stump, saw him! Well, that’s what he thinks he saw… And that’s what he told Chimpanzee. And here they are, both on the heels of this naughty bandit. However, Little Gorilla is only helping his grandfather. Is Grivet making wrong assumptions?


Nadine Robert is a Canadian author and editor. She started her career designing video games before becoming a scriptwriter for animated films. She went on to set up the publishing houses Comme des géants and Le Lièvre de Mars. Illustrated books have always held a special place in her heart. She holds degrees in education and literature and has translated several children’s books. She lives in Montreal’s South Shore with her family.


After studying graphic design at the Duperré School in Paris, Gwendal Le Bec started working as an illustrator. His first book, Le petit blond (Gallimard Jeunesse, Giboulées), was written by the actor Pierre Richard. In 2011, Le Bec moved to London and created a second book, Le roi des oiseaux (Albin Michel Jeunesse, Pépite du meilleur album at the Montreuil Book Fair the same year). Since then, his works have been published by Gallimard, Albin Michel, P'tit Glénat and Walker Books, among others. Le vaillant petit gorille is Le Bec’s first book to be published by Comme des géants.



“The text, both simple and rich, the story's rhythm, and the tone's accuracy are proof that Nadine Robert has perfect knowledge of children's literature.”
–Aurore Lehmann –La Marelle Mag

“The narration is beautifully mastered. The illustrations are full of life and movements, and the colors are rich, bringing lightness to a subject seldom treated in children’s picture books: the idea that appearances can be misleading.”

–Barbara Ottevaere –Librairie Gallimard

“The simple story and rich humorous text will delight any reader. A warning for parents: this is a story that we want to hear again and again and that will be asked for over and over!”
–Susanne Duchesne –Librairie Monet

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