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Les Reflets d'Hariett - Marion Kadi - 22 x 29 cm - 48 pages - April 2021 - €14



An old lion dies in the savannah. His shadow ends up all alone and decides to leave. He makes his way to the city, where he meets a shy little girl called Hariett, and becomes her shadow.


Suddenly, with a lion as a shadow, Hariett feels full of strength. She’s not scared of speaking up in class anymore and has lots of fun. But the next day, the lion shadow is out of control and makes a big mess at school, getting Hariett into trouble. So, she looks for her old shadow at home and finds it hiding in a little mirror. Maybe two shadows would be better after all?


A debut picture book by a young artist and painter about being shy and assertive.




Marion Kadi is an author and illustrator. She studied graphic design and typography at Duperré and Estienne. She lives in Boston, in the USA. She regularly works for the press (The New York Times, Zadig Magazine, Poetry Magazine). Les reflets d’Hariett is her first project as an author.

Bologna Ragazzi Award 2022 - Opera Prima - Winner

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