Mimose et Sam — Cathon — Hardcover book — 18.8 x 24 cm — 44 pages — September 2016 — CAN$19.95


“Where were you last night?” Poppy and Sam have launched an investigation: they want to find out who nibbled their dear friend Basil’s leaves. None of the insects will own up to it. They need a way to unmask the offender. But that is easier said than done! They will have to show a lot of ingenuity.


Cathon is an author and illustrator. She studied visual and media arts (BA, Université du Québec à Montréal). Since 2013, she has been publishing comic books and picture books at La Pastèque, Pow Pow, Comme des géants and Owlkids. She also writes an illustrated feminist column for la Gazette des femmes. She published her first book in 2011, Trois secondes plus vite, for which she was selected for the Bédélys Indépendant prize. The third adventure of Poppy & Sam, released in 2020, is her fourth title to be published by Comme des géants.

“This book is a perfect introduction to detective stories: readers can posit theories as Mimose’s solutions prove to be ineffective. It is also a great way to discover comics for young readers who want to take the plunge.”
– Pierre-Alexandre Bonin – Campagne pour la lecture


“Everything about this story is sweet and charming, the beauty of the illustrations, the pretty colours and the tone of the “garden-variety” investigation that takes us delightfully back to the grace and gauziness of being four years old.”
– Hélène Brosseau – Librairie Monet, Montréal


“From insects with well-sketched personalities to little Mimose’s ingenuity, this colourful little comic with timeless charm is the perfect introduction to the genre and leaves readers with a smile.”
– Zoé Langlois – Revue Les libraires

English, Simplified Chinese, French, Czech rights sold