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New York le jour et la nuit - Aurélie Pollet & Vincent Bergier - 30 x 20 cm -

24 pages + 8 blue layers - September 2017 - €18 



Ready for take-off? We go to… New York City! An incredible and wonderful city, especially at night when everything becomes possible: a rocket taking off, a superhero flying over skyscrapers, King Kong, Superman or Dark Vador wandering the avenues, a flying saucer landing… If you want to recover the reassuring day light, simply raise the blue layer that covers the images. What we took for a flying saucer turns out to be the Guggenheim Museum, King Kong, a tree of Central Park, Dark Vador, the statue of liberty…

New York at Night opposes nocturnal images playing with American mythology with the very turbulent day atmosphere. The text makes the link between the two universes (night and day). Children will love to discover the hidden face of this city that makes you dream; they will have fun raising the layer to confront the two images. New York is definitely ‘the city that never sleeps’

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