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Occupé ! - Cléa Dieudonné  - Board book - 19 x 19 cm - 36 pages - February 2022 - €13.90



Quick! It’s desperate! I run to the bathroom, but the door is closed. “It’s busy,” dad cries. Plan B: the garden shed, but… “It’s busy!” the dog cries. I try behind the bush, but… “It’s busy!” the rabbit cries. This tree will do, but… “It’s busy!” the owl cries. I head into the forest, but… “It’s busy!” cries the deer. What to do? But then dad calls, the bathroom’s free! At last!

A well-paced, funny book about poo. The cut-out flaps hide the inside of the toilet, and the child has fun lifting up the flap to discover a character (human or animal) pooping. A clever and original book about a theme kids love, by Cléa Dieudonné and her overflowing imagination!



After studying graphic design at Estienne and Gobelins, Cléa Dieudonné went to work in Amsterdam as a digital designer. She currently lives and works in Berlin as an independent illustrator and creates print and digital books. Her books are very successful in France and abroad.

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