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On aurait dit — André Marois & Gérard DuBois — Hardcover book — 18.8 x 24 cm — 48 pages — November 2015 — CAN$19.95



“It was as though... we were two lonely warriors that weren't afraid of anything!” This is what two friends tell each other on an afternoon play date. While the mother is out in the garden, the house is theirs. Everything they encounter is transformed into a tool for their imaginative plays: pillows become rocks, the dog is an imprisoned monster, and the bathtub, a river full of crocodiles. How far can their imagination go?




André Marois was born in Créteil, France, in 1959. He moved to Montreal in 1992 with his two children to work as a freelance designer-editor and writer. Since 1999, he has published many black novels for adults, detective novels for children, short stories and texts for picture books.


Gérard DuBois works for many well-known newspapers and magazines in North America and Europe. He has collaborated on more than fifteen books, including several children's books. For his work, he has received many honours, including four gold medals from the Society of Illustrators and two nominations for the Governor General's Awards of Canada.



“Through DuBois’s old-fashioned and charming visual universe, this timeless book eloquently unfolds. It shakes up the established order with exquisite ease.”

– Marie-Soleil Cool-Cotte – Lili les merveilles


“André Marois's story is an ode to children's fertile imagination. It's a reminder that we can always come up with stories that go beyond limits and make us dream. [...] The dialogues resemble those of real children and are beautifully illustrated by Gérard DuBois.”

– Caroline Arbor – Les p'tits mots-dits


“A story with a retro look that will please fans of “les abominaffreux” and their overflowing imagination.”

– Emmanuelle Pelot – Ricochet

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