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On ferait comme si  - André Marois & Gérard Dubois - Hardcover book - 25 x 31 cm - 44 pages - November 2022 - CAN$21.95



Illustrated by the award-winning Gérard DuBois, this exciting role-playing game between two unruly children full of life ventures to the limit of our imagination... When two mischievous friends are told to go outside to play, the backyard becomes their terrain for a frantic and thrilling role-playing game. From becoming King and Queen of the Kingdom of Pumpkins, to traveling to Mars, their vivid imaginations give them magical powers and take them on a wild ride where they will have to fight their enemies mercilessly. It's only when they are abruptly brought back to reality that they will find themselve truly in danger!




André Marois writes thriller novels for adults and detective stories for children. His writing illustrates his inclination for intrigue and grim stories, with just a touch of caustic irony and unbridled imagination. 


Gérard Dubois is a freelance illustrator. His work has appeared in major North American and European publications — including The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post — as well as in several ad campaigns and more than 20 illustrated books. He has received the Hamilton King Award and four gold medals from the Society of Illustrators and was awarded a Bologna Ragazzi Award.

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