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Petit Jour et Petit Nuit - Cécile Chicault & Line Pauvert - 19.5 x 26.5 cm - 32 pages - Hardback book - September 2022 - EUR 14.50


Little Day is happy, loud and never still. He likes the warm summer sun, singing at the top of his lungs and going to school to see his friends. He doesn’t like it when night falls and all the shadows come out. Little Night is calm, shy and a loner. He likes stroking his cat, playing hide and seek and watching others play. He doesn’t like public speaking. One day, Little Day sleeps over at Little Night’s house. Little Day is nervous. But when night falls and it goes dark, Little Night shows Little Day all the pretty lights in the town. Then they make dens with their covers and tell each other scary stories. For the very first time, Little Day feels safe in the dark. And Little Night realises that Little Day, who always seems happy, gets scared too. Armed with new confidence thanks to his friendship with Little Day, Little Night overcomes his fears and finally speaks up in class. A picture book about the power of friendship and the importance of facing your fears, showing how much you can learn from others and your differences.

​Cécile Chicault  is a scriptwriter and illustrator of comics, graduated from the University of Fine Arts of Bordeaux and the ESSI of Angoulême, comics section. Her first comic book, Le Diable aux trois cheveux d'or, adapted from the Grimm brothers' tale, won an Alph'art at the Angoulême comic book festival in 2000.  Petit jour et Petit nuit is her first children's album.

Line Pauvert is an illustrator and graphic designer. Petit jour et Petit nuit is the first children's book she has illustrated.



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