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Pleine lune — Camilla Pintonato — Hardcover book — 24.7 x 26.9 cm — 48 pages — April 2020 — CAN$22.95



It’s the night of the full moon. Little grey bunnies are busying themselves in the twilight. Racoons, foxes, partridges and mice, come quick over here! The moment has arrived. The sky is glittering with dozens of lanterns. It’s brilliant, beautiful and bright. And right there, in front of our eyes, the moon shines in a thousand lights!

All the animals in the forest are invited to gather and to witness an incredible spectacle that happens once every month. Is it one of nature’s works or do we have to thank the rabbits for it? It’s hard to say... But one thing is for sure: nobody wants to miss this magnificent event!




Camilla Pintonato lives and works in Venice as an illustrator, designer and author. She studied illustration at MiMaster (Milan, 2013) and completed a master’s degree in design at ISIA (Urbino, 2017). She has illustrated, among others, Homer’s Odyssey (Feltrinelli, 2015), Pleine lune (Comme des géants, 2019) and Questo non è un pollo (Clichy, 2019). She has also created installations for the Tedeschi Foundation in Venice. She is the artistic director of the Pelo magazine.


"In this beautifully illustrated album (with markers!), the Venitian artist Camilla Pintonato tells a rhyming story, perfect for soothing and comforting kids before bedtime. For lovers of animals and tenderness."

– Marie Allard –Le Devoir

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