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Te laisser partir - Danielle Chaperon & Nathalie Dion - Hardcover book - 23.2 x 30 cm - 56 pages - August 2022

One sunny morning, a young girl catches a beautiful rainbow and places it in a glass jar. An instant bond is formed and the two become inseparable. But for the rainbow, homesickness eventually sets in — and no matter what the girl does to cheer it up, it can’t escape feeling unwell. To make things right again, she must make a gut-wrenching decision and, in the process, learn the hard way what love truly means. A powerful story about nurturing love and knowing when to let it go, in a vintage aesthetic.

Danielle Chaperon studied literature and education, then taught in primary school for many years. She began writing children's fiction in 2007, inspired by her students' daily lives, experiences, and dreams.

Nathalie Dion studied fine arts in college and design arts at university. Today, her free-spirited, narrative illustrations grace the pages of books, magazines, and newspapers worldwide. She is known for her sense of humor and her sometimes modern, at-other-times retro touch.


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