FR: Mon tout petit pays  - Hélène Gaudy & Anne Beauchard - €18
- 26 x 37 cm - 32 pages - Hardback - November 2016

Some countries can be visited at any time – whenever you close your eyes. When you open this book, you discover a land with mountains, the sea, and millions of other marvels. But perhaps you have your own country? Come and play – we can share.
My Little Country is the country in every child – the place they go to for reassurance, comfort and dreams. The detailed illustrations form a map of this fantastical and wild land, which unfurls across the pages of this landscape-format book.
Readers start in the bedroom, in their own house – familiar territory. But very quickly, they adopt new viewpoints as new horizons open up to them. They soar over this island, that is small but occupies such a large place in children’s hearts. This book is perfect for dreaming and playing hide and seek. It is a simple picture book that is incredibly rich, suitable for children for 3 years and up.  

Spanish (Word), Simplified Chinese, Korean, Italian rights sold