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Utopia - Simon Bailly - 30 x 42 cm - 88 pages - Hardback cover - €20 - October 2019


Thomas is the king’s writer. One day, the king orders for the taxes to be increased, so that he can build himself a second castle. When Thomas opposes him, he is driven out of the kingdom. So, Thomas boards a boat that takes him to a wonderful place where princes and peasants dine at the same table, where gold has no value, where men live in harmony… Utopia. But the king sends his soldiers after Thomas. A big battle lies ahead…

This captivating story, with very graphic and detailed illustrations, is at once an immersion into a utopic city, free and egalitarian, and an adventure made up of passion and battles, with strong-willed characters. Loosely inspired by Thomas More, the author introduces children to politics, with all the ingredients for an adventure story; a hero, a king, a captain, a shipwreck, a battle… A long, out of the ordinary and enthralling tale of almost 100 pages.




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