Je veux enlever la nuit


Je veux enlever la nuit - Simona Rea & Hélène Gaudy -  29.7 x 21 cm - 32 pages - €14 - August 2015

Oscar doesn’t like the night. He prefers to play, run, draw, anything but sleep! His mummy patiently explains to him all the wonderful things concealed within the dark, if only he could let his senses and imagination run free… When the lights go out, the darkness comes on, and the child falls asleep in the soft embrace of its multiple shades. A sensitive and comforting picture book about the challenges of falling asleep, illustrated with Simone Rea’s soft and subtle drawings.

Simone Rea was born in 1975 in Albano Laziale, Italy, where he lives and works. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, specialising in illustration. He has taken part in various exhibitions and competitions in Italy and abroad.

Italian, Simplified Chinese and Russian rights sold