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Cambourakis is a French publishing house founded par Frédéric Cambourakis in 2006, after a long career as bookseller in Paris. The catalogue started with high quality graphic novels and foreign fiction, by initially unknown but noteworthy authors, destined to have a successful editorial future, as Zeina Abirached or Joanna Hellgreen.
In 2012, the publishing house ventured to a new collection of picture books, coming (as the rest of the catalogue) from all over the world.
Today, Cambourakis catalogue counts around 750 high-quality titles in literature, children’s books, graphic novels but also feminist essays, with the collection « Sorcières » launched in 2015.

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Les amis du Jardin_Page_01.jpg
L'autre côté de la montagne_Page_001.jpg
L'île aux vélos_COUV.jpg
Petit ours, tout petit ours_Page_01.jpg
Grand ours, Petit ours_COUV.jpg
L'ours Kintsugi_Page_01.jpg
Le bison non non_INT_Page_01.jpg
Un an à FLeurville_FR_Page_01.jpg
Eva Rust - Hilda et la princesse_Page_01
Hilda et Mélusine trouvent un œuf_INT_Page_01.jpg
La véritable histoire du génie du jardin
En me promenant avec Kiki_COUV.jpg
Minuit le chat du bois perdu_Page_01.jpg
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