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Every month Biscoto stands up for a daring, independent and audacious press by offering children a thematic newspaper full of surprising ideas and images. Because it's never too soon to be curious, Biscoto explores graphic territories and makes them accessible for the younger ones. Thus we support authors who's work has a great liberty of tone and form. The Biscoto team believes that reading documentaries, comics, non-formatted stories has a positive impact to stimulate curiosity, humor and dialogue. Biscoto is aimed at everybody! We defend antisexist and antiracist values and we make sure that genders are represented equally. During the Angoulême International Comics Festival, Biscoto's approach received the « Fauve de la BD Alternative », a prize which rewards an alternative comic artist or project. This recognition is all the more so important as it's the first time this prize rewards a newspaper for kids. Since 2017, Biscoto also publishes beautiful, funny and clever books ! All of this is guaranteed without advertising, because there is way enough everywhere else. Biscoto exists thanks to its readers!